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Creative design that performs
Ideas to products' is our business and we are adept in product lifecycle processes! Product re-platforming is no different and needs to follow the same lifecycle with past business experience being the key advantage.
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Product Development

The software product life cycle services we provide ensure round-the-clock support for customers in areas such as product road-map management, usability engineering, development, testing, piloting, implementation, training, market launch and maintenance. 'Ideas to products' is our business and we are adept in product life-cycle processes!

Ul/UX Consulting
We realize that UI/UX remains at the crux of intelligent software product development. Any product strategy that does not take UI/UX into consideration is likely to alienate the user and fail. Viewing the process of UX as critical to user experience is important and we understand this very well.
Product Re-engineering
Renewal of redundant IT systems has been a passion and mission for Experion. Trust us when we say we have helped global organizations keep up with the latest in technology advancements, by rewiring their legacy software systems. These organizations are now more customer-centric with optimized costs, and this enables them to divert resources and money for digital transformation.

A mobile Enterprise is a more efficient one. Mobility is the need of the hour with businesses shifting to mobile-based services. Customer experience depends on continuous access to services, and this is facilitated by digitally strengthened software that is mobile-enabled. Mobile-readiness has to be made across all software systems, empowering users with real-time insights. This helps business grow and expand.
Independent Testing
Software products need to have quality built into them, in addition to superb features and functionalities. In order to deliver the great customer experience that software products are expected to, they have to function with great stability as well. This is where the importance of an efficient testing team comes into play.
Maintenance and Support
Application downtimes are not desirable since they alienate customers and weaken trust. This is particularly true in the digital era, when competition is cut-throat and business growth is not an easy achievement. Software systems also need optimization for efficient performance levels. Maintenance also brings down related support costs. The absence of a need to constantly fix things also saves resource time. All this can lead to increased business growth.
Why ProCATT?
Client-Centric Approach
ProCATT is focused on being a constructive partner to its clients – proactively finding ways to do better work and to help clients grow. There is a strong collaborative culture and a drive to continue meeting client needs.
App-Driven Insights
Focus on Results
Success is measured in hard numbers: page views, conversions, leads, and sales. ProCATT looks to keep customers and prospects engaged longer and converting more often.
Customers interact differently with mobile apps than desktops or even the mobile web. We've responded by implementing best practices that reflect consumers' preferences when using apps.