ProCATT partners with companies that are driven
to grow leaner, move faster, and be more responsive
Operation services
ProCATT provides flexibility for its customers through staff augmentation and managed services, with deep expertise in testing/R&D, content, and security.
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Analytics & Business Intelligence
Data helps organizations make and justify strategic decisions. But effective use of data is more than a decision tool: it's a key competitive advantage. The challenge is to derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data, many of them unstructured. That's where ProCATT's Business Intelligence experts come in.

Staff Augmentation
When growth opportunities arise, businesses' ability to capitalize is only as good as their staffing. ProCATT helps companies execute at critical moments. Its recruitment teams provide trained staff for immediate, short-term, and long-term engagements
Why ProCATT?
Problem-Solving Approach
ProCATT's team is passionate about data, but what really motivates us is a problem. Whether the challenge is raising operational efficiency, cutting customer attrition, or bringing operational decision-making into real time, we're at our best solving real-world problems.
Advanced Capabilities
Actionable Results
ProCATT's staff augmentation services are tightly aligned with the customer's needs and goals. We take care to define KPIs and other performance metrics. Throughout the project, these metrics are analyzed, tracked, and reported on to allow for adjustments in the scale or scope of the project.
Developing standardized reporting, focused around the right metrics and KPIs, is critical to any business. But these steps are only the beginning of strong data intelligence. ProCATT helps businesses add the most advanced data intelligence capabilities.