With deep roots in technology, ProCATT
continues to evolve in the ever-changing digital era
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With a strong track record in application development and innovation, ProCATT specializes in helping companies overcome IT challenges
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Enterprise Architecture

In the first stage in an enterprise architecture strategy, ProCATT gains an understanding of the structure and operations of the enterprise. We identify technological and operational gaps within the existing infrastructure. This may be done through stakeholder discussions and workshops, or through peer or competitor benchmarking.

Digital Platforms
Digital platforms once brought traditional businesses online, but a new generation of disruptors with digital-first business models is now changing every industry. For companies looking to thrive in the digital platform era, ProCATT provides the development and engineering expertise to engage, connect, and delight customers.
Application Development & Maintenance
Application development begins with Pactera thoroughly exploring and documenting the processes and systems our clients are looking to enhance. Through research, analysis, end-user interviews, and executive requirements, a project plan is developed. ProCATT's team lays out a detailed project scope, presenting the features, phases, and timeline associated with the project.

DevOps Implementation
Traditional models for developing and releasing products have become commoditized. ProCATT's DevOps-enabled engineering services help companies release software faster and more reliably, while benefiting from the convenience of an as-a-service model.
Internet of Things
Connecting objects to the internet is relatively easy – the real challenge is to network them intelligently and leverage the vast amounts of data they generate. ProCATT provides the innovation, experience, and skill to help businesses extract maximum value and insights from IoT products.
Big Data Platforms
As companies prepare for digital transformation, utilizing data efficiently becomes critical. With ProCATT's scalable and flexible Data Platform solutions, companies gain superior data visibility and insights that can help optimize and improve key areas of company operations
Why ProCATT?
Digital Expertise
As a cutting-edge technology company, ProCATT offers an unsurpassed level experience, agility, knowledge and toolsets that enable us to successfully deliver end-to-end high tech solutions. Clients benefit from ProCATT's broader digital enablement expertise
App-Driven Insights
Focus on Results
Digital platforms benefit uniquely from economies of scale. ProCATT helps businesses achieve that scale with an exceptional range of globalization solutions for companies looking to take advantage of international business opportunities..
ProCATT's long experience in technology spans industries, competencies, and platforms, with skills in omnichannel digital marketing, analytics and business intelligence, and the internet of things, as well as a long history of successful application development.